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Battery Formation Bath Tank
Cooling and storing the medium/ large capacity batteries and automobile batteries when formation.
After filling acid, batteries will be conveyed to the formation platform manually by moving Trolley or bridge board. After formation, they will enter to the next process from other end of formation tank. It can increase functions of water cycling treatment and water temperature control. 

The main frame is made of engineering plastic or stainless steel; gravity roller in the tank adopts plastic roller or stainless steel roller. Double-row roller as a whole and an air exhaust pipe is installed between two rows. On the tank has transparent cover or vertical lifting door. It has the function of in & out water, water adjustment and so on. What’s more, it owns more advantages than acid-proof, corrosion-resisting, aging-resistant and durable. Using this equipment can reduce labor intensity and improve working efficiency.

Technical Parameters:
1. Working Temperature: ≤45℃
2. Load Capacity of Rollers: Plastic roller: 35kg/Pcs; Stainless steel roller: 80kg/Pcs

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