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μC-3000GH、GHA Battery Formation Charger/Discharger
Medium/large-capacity battery formation and battery pack charging/discharging.

The equipment is based on special DC bus-bar patent technology which is taking IGBT as main circuit, it can directly make use of the discharging energy through rational charging/discharging action among several equipments. GH type specialized on DC bus-bar recovery, while GHA type specialized on energy recovery, it can make unwanted electricity back to AC grid, so GHA type has a more obvious energy-saving effect. With microprocessor-controlled HF charging/discharging technology, each circuit is controlled by a microprocessor, which having reliable, easy-operated and self-inspected functions, as well as low harmonic pollution, high power factor and stable output DC current.  

Setting and storing many formation modes and parameters of different types of battery. Providing the following operation modes: constant-current charging, constant-voltage charging, constant-voltage with current-limited charging,  constant-current with voltage-limited discharging, cycling and pause; State shifting by time setting/voltage setting/Ah setting, recording operation data at setting time; Protecting against overcurrent, overvoltage and open circuit. Power off data logging, and automatic power on recovering; Protecting against battery anti-connection, over-discharging and output short circuit, and providing power off protection; Displaying on LED operation data and cause of troubles. Central network control and data processing when connected with PC via interface.
Technical Parameters:
1. Charging Current: 0~100% rated charging current;
2. Discharging Current: 0~100% rated discharging current;
3. Range of Voltage Controlled: 10%~100% rated voltage;
4. Precision of current/voltage: ≤ 0.5% FS;
5. Time Precision: ≤15S/24H;
6. Electric Efficiency: >90%(when output load >30%);
7. Efficiency of Discharging Energy Recovery: >95%
8. Power factor: >0.99 
Models Output current Output voltage Circuits Size(cm) Weight(kg)
w h d
μC-3000GH、3000GHA 30A/60A/320V 30A/60A 320V
6、12 110 200 80 650-950
μC-3000GH、3000GHA 40A/60A/320V 40A/60A 320V 6、9 110 200 80 680-980
μC-3000GH、3000GHA 50A/100A/320V 50A/100A 320V 2、3 110 200 80 680-980
μC-3000GH、3000GHA 100A/200A/320V 100A/200A 320V 1 110 200 80 800
μC-3000GH、3000GHA 150A/300A/320V 150A/300A 320V 1 110 200 80 850
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